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Frequently Asked Questions

It's always nice to get questions answered.

What is tracking?

Tracking is the art of programming a song using sound samples with so called tracker software. The musician loads a list of samples in the software and builds the song by placing the samples in patterns, together with extra information on the speed to play the sample at and effects to use on the sample. Patterns are the blocks a track is eventually made of. A list of ordered patterns builds a song.

What are MOD, XM and IT files?

Tracker software will store the created tracks on the computer disk in files. These files store the samples used and the information of all patterns. Most new software can play tracker files but the files can only be edited with tracker software. MOD is the file format of the mostly used tracker program ProTracker on the Commodore Amiga. XM and IT are the file formats of respectively FastTracker and ImpulseTracker on the Personal Computer.

What is the internet tracking scene?

The tracking scene is the network of musicians creating their music with tracker software and sharing their created work amongs each other. After a while bulletin boards systems were started to be a central place for music distribution. Nowadays the internet is faster and bigger than before and the boards have been replaced by websites called netlabels. A netlabel is a virtual music label publishing the music online for free.

So why put this tracker music on vinyl?

Some great music spawned from the internet tracker scene. It is amazing to see how creative musicians are with the somewhat limited possibilities of tracker software. The music that is created, even a couple of years ago, is so inventive that it is still modern today and it should reach a broader audience. This is what we want to accomplish by releasing the music on vinyl.

Why only vinyl records?

The two things together, tracked music and ascii-art, make the old-fashioned record a great medium to distribute the two together. The bigger covers, the different sizes... it makes vinyl records just plain cool.

Will there ever be compact disc releases?

Maybe in the future, if we get more demand for them and the compact disc still exists by then.

Can I send in a demo?

Your demo is always welcome. Just send your MOD, XM or IT files together with your profile to Be sure to check out our releases so you have an idea of our style of music. Please don't get your hopes up too high, we have a long, invisible list of future releases.

What is ascii-art?

ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange and is a character representation for computers. The ascii-art is the art made with just ASCII characters. With some effort and imagination some great art is created this way. We like and respect this lofi art very much.

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