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[04-11-2008] Backseat available in United States

Backseat drove through the States and left a trail of coloured vinyl in several cities on the west side. Check out the distribution page for the exact locations.

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[23-06-2008] Backseat available in Canada

Backseat left the 7 inches at Beat Street in Vancouver, Long Beach Surf Shop in Tofino and Ditch Records in Victoria.

[06-04-2008] Backseat on tour

Backseat Recordings will be driving around the west side of North America.

[11-02-2008] Backseat in Barcelona

The Backseat wax is also available in the center of Barcelona. The fine record stores La Ruta Natural and CD Drome have the records in store for you.

[07-10-2007] Backseat in Prague

We are very happy the Backseat records are now available in Praque, Czech Republic. Recordshop Sirius Smart Sounds in the center of Praque has them in store for you.

[24-11-2006] New release out now

After a sliiiight delay, a new presser and a new office, the new release on Backseat Recordings will be available as of today, the 24th of November. This time it's the long awaited seven inch debut by William Lamy aka Willbe. Again in a fonky colour.

[18-04-2006] Orlingo live

Paul Rietveld, aka Orlingo, aka Hannibal Peck, will do a live performance of his latest work on the Flakkeese Dagen Festival 2006 on Saturday the 22nd of April at 23:00. The Flakkeese Dagen Festival has it's 17th edition and this year there's a special stage for electronic dance music, organized by our friends at 0187 Records. If you're in the neighbourhood, drop by and to get your records signed as well. The festival will be held at the industrial terrain at Edison in Middelharnis, The Netherlands.

[10-12-2005] Updated website

News and FAQ sections added to website.

[17-08-2004] Backseat available in Britain stores

We are very happy that the Backseat wax is available in the United Kingdom. Sounds Of The Universe, Sister Ray and Select A Disc in London have the vinyls on sale in their stores.

[04-06-2004] New artist on Backseat

We are very proud that William Lamy aka Willbe has signed with Backseat Recordings. The next release will be his vinyl debut on a coloured 7 inch.

William has been in the internet tracker scene as Willbe since 1992 and is still active in it. In short, his music can be described as funky and jazzy hiphop.

[23-04-2004] Backseat available in more Dutch stores

The Backseat records are being sold in two more Dutch record stores. Bullit Musicfreaks in Eindhoven and Distortion Records in Amsterdam have the vinyls available too.

[30-03-2004] Distribution for Sweden

We are happy to announce that Swing 'em Low Records is doing the distribution of the Backseat wax for Sweden. They made a webpage on their website through which you can order the vinyls. The records will also be available in the local stores of Sweden.

[05-03-2004] Party in Gothenburg

Our friends at Swing 'em Low Records in Gothenburg, Sweden, will have a release party together with Brother P Records. They are celebrating their new releases. The party will be held tomorrow, Saturday the 6th of March at 20:00 in the Big Love Gallery, located on Tunnbindaregatan 21 on Isle of Hisingen, next to Kvilletorget. Lukas Nystrand aka Mortimer will be there to present Backseat Recordings. We ourselves will be in the snow of France untill the 14th of March.

[29-02-2004] Backseat on the radio

The Backseat vinyls were played on the radio last Wednesday, the 25th of February. Local radio station Radio Tonka in Den Haag, The Netherlands, did an item on Backseat Recordings. Label coordinator Frank Keijzers did a small live telephone interview as well.

[05-02-2004] Backseat available in the stores

We are proud to announce that the Backseat records are being sold in a couple of Dutch stores. Metro Utrecht, Platenworm Groningen, Waaghals Arnhem and Waaghals Nijmegen have our vinyls available for you.

[10-12-2003] AgeemaBlues: A Magic Night @ Foo Bar

We are very excited to announce that Backseat Recordings will be present at the Magic Night @ Foo Bar in Ljubljana, Slovenia, tonight at 20:00 CEST. Lukas Nystrand, aka Mortimer, will serve hot chocolate and do a live performance of his latest work and show us a piece of Cat Heaven. If you're in the neighbourhood, drop by. The location is Foo Bar at the Museum of Modern Art, Tomsiceva 14, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia.

[28-10-2003] Opening of the online shop

Such a nice release party yesterday, we had to postpone the opening of the webshop... but after many hours of hard work and cold coffee, we have finished it. The official opening was done today at 20:00 CEST by head of the company Frank Keijzers. He comments "Of course we had to have our own webshop. Everybody else is doing it" and "We needed to get the wax available to the public". While we were at it, we updated the release page with sound previews of the released records.

[24-10-2003] The first releases on the 27th of October

The first two releases on Backseat Recordings will be available from the 27th of October. Two seven inch vinyls by Orlingo and Mortimer. In fonky colours. More info on how to get them will be online very soon.

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