Backseat Releases

The music

The tracks on the releases were originally created as 8 bit MOD, XM or IT files with so called tracker software. They were produced to give them true stereo dynamics and to get a high quality sound without losing the flavour of the original work. Now you're able to spin your favorite modules! Don't worry, we left the clicks and hiss in them. We have the lofi attitude.

The releases

Below are the releases which are out now.

[BS-SP-MNRB] Willbe "Monsieur B" 7 inch

Another release, another debute, this time by Willbe. It's the story of a man, Monsieur B, brought to you in a five minutes filmic jazz flow. Located on the other side is Match, a trip on the highways in the bigger cities. Take the nice ride 'Outrun' style. Chill some, look around, do the sightseeing tour from wide highways through narrow cities.

(24 November 2006, limited pressing of 300 copies.)

[BS-SP-AGMB] Mortimer "Ageema Blues" 7 inch

The debut release of Mortimer introduces Ageema Blues, a 5/4 jazz style beat mixed with a bouncing bass and lofi beats. Accompanied by a lonely trumpet, this is bound to give you the blues. On the flipside Street Beat gives a treat of some finer scratches, a slamming bassline and voice samples on heavy breakbeats. The funky sound and sirens complete the soundtrack of a car chase in the streets.

(27 October 2003, limited pressing of 300 copies.)

[BS-SP-OTMU] Orlingo "One Time Too Much" 7 inch

This is the debut release of Orlingo. It starts off with One Time Too Much, a late night mood guided by a firm and steady hiphop beat which will have you swaying into dawn. The track on the other side is So Demn Fresh which begins slowly and then kicks around with a deep bass and fast beats that could be drum and bass. Take the backseat and speed along with this fast ride.

(27 October 2003, limited pressing of 300 copies.)

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