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General information

Use the form below if you want to order some records. Fill out your email address, the quantity of each release you want to buy and the preferred payment method. Don't forget to select the correct shipping option, otherwise we can't determine the shipping costs.
When you receive the automatically generated message of the order, you ought to confirm it by replying with your actual name and shipping address. Afterwards, we're gonna email you an invoice with all the necessary information for the selected payment option. We will reserve your order for a period of fifteen working days in which you can do the payment.
When we receive your payment, we will ship your order within three working days. Records are sent in bubbled envelops or firm boxes so they can be at best at arrival.

Shipping costs

We send our packages with the Dutch Company TNT Post. They handle two different areas for shipping outside The Netherlands. One for shipping within Europe and one for shipping outside of Europe. They have two services called Standard and Priority. Standard service is cheaper but can be slow. Priority service is more expensive but faster.
Delivery inside Europe with Standard service will take 4 to 10 working days, with Priority service that'll be 2 to 6 working days. Delivery outside Europe with Priority service that'll be 4 to 10 days. Standard service for delivery outside Europe is not available anymore.

Payment methods

There are three methods you can pay by. The first is a money transfer from your bank to ours, which is the safest. The second is to do a payment using PayPal, fast and easy for foreign transactions. Sending cash in a letter is the third method we accept.
When paying by bank transfer, please make sure we are not charged with transaction costs. When you choose PayPal, we have to ask for an additional EUR 0.50 since they charge exchange rates and transaction fees on received payments. We know this is a fuss but we are a small company and our money is scarce. Sending EUR cash in a letter is accepted to avoid high payment costs, be it at your own risk. It is wise to send it by registered mail, although it probably costs extra too.

Order form

Please fill out your email address, your shipping region, the payment method and the items you want.

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 Orlingo 7 inch (EUR 6.90)
 Mortimer 7 inch (EUR 6.90)
 Willbe 7 inch (EUR 6.90)
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